Full-Bridge Interface Board with Dead-Time Adjust

Full-Bridge Interface Board with Dead-Time Adjust

Quickly create H-bridge switching circuits using this interface board in combination with any of our solid-state relays. Read More…


This interface board works essentially the same as our Half-Bridge Interface Board, except that it can be supplied in several different variations to accommodate different drive options for the bridge. The board is specifically designed to interface with any four of our Solid-State Relays to build high speed or high power H-Bridge circuit. The signal input configuration is based on the Pololu 36v20 motor driver board and allows for five different modes of operation. The truth table for the design is shown below:


The board’s three input signals, PWMH. PWML, and DIR, can be generated by separate input sources (or a microcontroller), or can be hard set using jumper pins on the board if only one input signal source is available. There is also an on-board dead-time adjustment circuit to eliminate shoot-through currents, which can damage the SSR boards if both high and low-side switches are both on at the same time.

This logic design gives much flexibility, not only for motor control applications, but also for energy recovery and coil-shorting research, inverter output stages, Class D amplifier designs, or any other power switching applications.


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