Half-Bridge Interface Board with Dead-Time Adjust

Half-Bridge Interface Board with Dead-Time Adjust

Quickly create half-bridge switching circuits using this interface board in combination with any of our solid-state relays. Read More…


This Half Bridge interface board takes a single signal input and splits it into complimentary outputs to drive two SSR boards in a half-bridge configuration. This board also contains a dead-time adjustment circuit to eliminate shoot-through currents, which can damage the SSR boards if they are both on at the same time.

Half Bridge Dead-Time Adjustment Circuit

Figure 1 shows the dead-time adjustment circuit which uses a single XOR logic gate and some passive components to create a set of complimentary outputs. The circuit works as follows. The potentiometer, R1, allows the phasing between the inverting and non-inverting outputs to be fine-tuned. The first stage of XOR gates then takes the input signal and produces its compliment. The second stage of XOR gates apply a delay, which can be adjusted from 0 to 600 ns. The two delay adjustments allow independent control of the rising and falling edge delays.


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