16 X 20 Tesla Poster

16 X 20 Tesla Poster




Tesla Lives!

A project to support The Peoples Free Energy Development and Art therapy for Kids. Brought to The People by Tesla Energy Solutions LLC, and world-renowned artist, Rock Demarco!

Where would we be without the inventions of Nikola Tesla? He invented the electric system we all use today, radio, radar, wireless communications, x-rays, remote controls, the transistor, neon lighting, and modern electric motors. He was the most brilliant inventor of all time and many of his ideas where suppressed, stolen and all but forgotten. Tesla knew that his ideas were before their time. He also knew that there would be a future where his work would finally be recognized by the people of this planet.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine” –Nikola

That future is now. People are waking up to the value of Nikola Tesla’s work, and many are dedicating their lives to rebirth the inventions of Nikola Tesla that have been hidden for so long. Tesla had over 700 inventions, 10 of which changed the world.

The People need Tesla’s inventions and Free Energy to break through! This is The People’s chance to support the work of those that are making it possible.

This project is a unique collaboration between World Renown Artist Rock Demarco and Tesla Energy Solutions LLC. This special painting was commissioned to breathe new vibrant life into the genius of Nikola Tesla, the sale of prints will support the further development of Tesla’s work and art therapy for kids.

The Painting:

Paint flies through mid-air as speed paint performance artist Rock Demarco transforms canvas into
giant masterpieces live on stage.Paint splatters of ultra-violet and blue mimic lightning streams of energy as the light filled image of a properly glorified Nikola Tesla shines through the darkness of black canvas. It is Tesla reborn from a past that misunderstood him, into the future moment of now that is ready and willing to embrace his genius.

Please note: Poster will not include watermark

The Artist Rock Demarco: The Fastest Painter in the World!

Performance artist and speed painter, Rock Demarco, kick started his career as a small child by plastering graffiti on his parent’s walls with crayon. Never a fan of mild mannered art, Rock instead takes his audience on a wild ride of imagination by challenging them to look at the world through a different window.

Over the past 10 years Rock Demarco has performed thousands of his signature rock n roll live painting shows around the globe. He has appeared with countless celebrities that are featured at his ON TOUR page. 2 million dollars ! That’s the amount of money raised for charity by the sale of Rock’s art at auction with a single piece topping $105,000 ! Rock’s work can be found on display in many corporate headquarters, airport installations, and private collections of professional ball players, musicians and movie stars.

Rock has performed for live audiences as large as 200,000 fans. Along with Superbowl and other half-time shows Rock has been featured on all major TV networks (FOX, CBS, ABS, CMT, TNT) and appeared live on Good Morning America where he painted a portrait of Diane Sawyer

Click here to see the work of Rock De Marco http://vimeo.com/30107328

Rock Demarco – The Worlds Fastest Painter from Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong on Vimeo.

The Rock Demarco Foundation for Kids:

The Rock Demarco Foundation is a Michigan non profit founded in 2012. Being an artist Rock realizes the benefits of art and creativity to a child, especially children going through a difficult time. He decided to bring his passion for art and for children together and raise awareness and funds for a cause near and dear to his heart. The foundations mission is to help young people rediscover childhood magic through artistic expression by the placement of art therapy rooms in children’s hospitals nationwide.

Tesla Energy Solutions:

Tesla Energy Solutions LLC is an amazing group of energy experts with decades of experience working on alternative energy devices. They work with methods to obtain or generate free energy from the environment, exploring the original ideas of “Nikola Tesla”, “Don Smith”, “T. Henry Moray”, “Steven Mark”, and many others.

Tesla Energy Solutions LLC creates and sources unique parts that are hard to find specifically for alternative energy inventors to use in the development of their devices. With a full lab and team of professionals, they are committed to bringing new and alternative energy solutions into the world.



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