About Us

About Us

Tesla Energy Solutions, LLC (TES), is an association of engineers, businessmen, experimenters, and OEMs with the aim of producing and sourcing the highest quality products and supplies to aid in the research and development of free energy researchers. Our goal is to be the universal one-stop shop for all your electronic and raw component needs!

TES was formed by impassioned engineers focused on bringing renewable energy to the web and to the “experimenting” enthusiast by offering and delivering devices and components to further their research. We set out to build an online community and support that community with extensive materials, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and unbounded enthusiasm for projects.

One-Stop Shop for Components

We recognize that it is difficult to source equipment specifically designed for free energy research. So we teamed up with several companies to design custom circuit boards and controllers suitable for most general-purpose experiments. We also pride ourselves in our ability to source hard to find components, such as METGLAS cores, HV Magnet wire, and barium ferrite magnets for specialized experiments. Have a request for a hard-to-find component? Send us an e-mail and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

Savvy Business Team

Our business team spans a wealth of industries and experience in both the energy and industrial fields. We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our offerings for the FE community and are looking for suppliers and OEMs to distribute products and kits. If you are a company and would be interested in us listing your products, contact us at info@teslaenergysolutionsllc.com

Open Source Research

Many of our team members are also active researchers in the free energy field. On our website, you will be able to view many demonstration videos showing experiments that we have done using many of our products. We will also be posting educational content to assist researchers with skills in proper design, testing, and measuring of electronic circuits. Stay tuned as we will be updating our website continuously.

Have a video of an experiment showing one of our products in use? Send us a link and we might post it up on our research page!