About Us

Tesla Energy Solutions, LLC is an association of engineers, businessmen, experimenters, and OEMs with the aim of producing and sourcing the highest quality products and supplies to aid in the research and development of free energy researchers.
Tesla Energy Solutions, LLC was formed by impassioned engineers focused on bringing renewable energy to the web and to the “experimenting” enthusiast by offering and delivering devices and components to further their research. We set out to build an online community and support that community with extensive materials, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and unbounded enthusiasm for projects.

Open-Source Research

Many of our team members are also active researchers in the free energy field. On our website, you will be able to view many demonstration videos showing experiments that we have done using many of our products. We will also be posting educational content to assist researchers with skills in proper design, testing, and measuring of electronic circuits. Stay tuned as we will be updating our website continuously.
Have a video of an experiment showing one of our products in use? Send us a link, and we might post it up on our research page!

Larry Powalisz

Larry Powalisz brings a wealth of Business Savvy to our organization. He is currently a commercial and residential property investor, has also been a certified auto technician with over 25 years of experience, and owned a chain of auto repair shops.
Larry has expanded his knowledge in “Free Energy Devices” by doing multiple investments, including the funding and participation of multiple energy projects, as well as working with other research centers and universities. He has focused these last few years on researching extremely efficient new energy devices and producing them in the commercial industry.

Jeremy Burnum

Jeremy Burnum is a professor at one the premier Recording Arts Schools at Full Sail University. On top of being a professor, he has been actively involved with research with alternate energy for over six years. Growing up in a very technical-minded family of professional electrical engineers has helped shape his understanding of many different facets for the research field. This includes programming micro-controllers, designing PCB boards, as well as a good understanding of electrical engineering skills.
He is a regular contributor to the research and science of alternate energy using many of Nikola Tesla’s works. (E.g., He was the first of many to experiment with Tesla’s cold electricity using the infamous Tesla Hairpin replication.)
His strongest points are explaining difficult research areas in layman’s terms for many to understand. In addition to teaching at the university, Mr. Burnum is an avid music producer, songwriter, and pianist for many professional recording studio projects. He adamantly insists on keeping an open mind and being creative in this field to discover new forms of alternate energy development. Exploring creative solutions to our energy needs is a passion! Jeremy currently resides in the greater Orlando area in Central Florida.